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About Us

Signtech company

Signtech  Company was founded in 2011 In Egypt. It is an agriculture company with multiple business activities . Our main business is the production of high-quality tissue culture plants in many fields using state of the art technology and modern agricultural methods. We produce large quantities of banana tissue culture, and other tissue culture like, palm, Strawberry, potato,  and  ornamental plants. 

We specially produce and supply other laboratories in Egypt with high quality  Virus free of Banana  Meristems  , and other Meristems

Our laboratory was founded in 2000,and  meets the highest standards of sterile working conditions . over the years we have been reliable producer of Virus free and vital in vitro tissue cultures plants.

We have a capacity to produce and supply  our client  1 million plants  of banana tissue culture at one time.

Signtech  company Also supplies  their clients with a nursery  banana plants  in a high quality healthy saplings.

To we aim to supply our  Arabic  market and other laboratories in Egypt  with high quality Chemical products, Signtech corroborates with a  reliable  Germany Company – Dephyte – as an exclusive distributor of their high quality products.


Our Team

Professor Mohamed .k Khail

Professor  at  faculty of agriculture – Cairo university

1993 –present .

PHD in Agriculture and life science from North Carolina State university  

M.S C plant physiology from Cairo university

Worked at Duke  university  Botany dept. 1988-1992

MS .Nashwa kader Namera

B.Sc  agriculture from Cairo university (plant diseases )

Ornamental, medicinal and aromatic plants Diploma

M.S  tissue culture from Cairo university 2014.

PHD student of Genetic  Engineering & biotechnology Research institute

MR.Saleh Kader Namera

B.Sc  agriculture from Cairo university

4 years experiences  in the field of   producing  grape species and strawberry

4 years experiences  in  the field  of production under greenhouse  circumstances

2 years experience in the field of  Quality management System and global G.A.B

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